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Collegiate Recovery Program

About the CRP                                       

The University of Iowa Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) provides an environment that supports the therapeutic and educational needs of Iowa students who are considering recovery, in recovery, or wanting to support those in any stage of recovery from addiction. The CRP facilitates support through community building, social support, academic support, substance-free activities, advocacy, outreach, and access to resources and services available on campus.

The CRP is inclusive of all Iowa students seeking to recover from addictive behaviors and values the personal dignity of each member.

The CRP is sponsored by a partnership between Student Wellness; University Counseling Service (UCS), Undergraduate Student Government (UISG); and Office of the Vice President for Student Life.

Our Mission                                       

The mission of the University of Iowa Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is to provide a supportive network of services and educational opportunities for students at any level of recovery from substance use and addiction (e.g., in recovery, thinking about recovery, or supportive of recovery) so students can achieve academic and personal success, free from addiction.

The CRP is not an addiction treatment program.

The CRP aspires to become a Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) offering recovery-based living and social space, events, and a like-minded community of peers. Students are supported by qualified, trained, and ethical professional staff.

NEW* COVID-19 Student Resources

CRP Student Advisory Board

The University of Iowa Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) would like YOUR input on impacting the lives of students who desire substance use change.

The CRP Recovery Advisory Committee is a NEW work group for students interested in leading recovery efforts on campus. We want the CRP to be a student led initiative, and being a part of this group can help impact students in a huge way. By joining our advisory committee, students will learn professional skills and how to work together for a common goal supported by the Division of Student Life.

Meetings will be held monthly through zoom.

  • Friday, September 18th at 10AM
  • Friday, October 16th at 10AM
  • Friday, November 13th at 10AM

Candidates do NOT have to be in recovery to apply, in fact, we are looking for students in a variety of academic programs and life experiences. Commitment is 1-2 hours per month. Email with the subject "Recovery Advisory Committee Interest" to get more information on how to apply.


Virtual Support Group Meetings

Success, Not Excess via Zoom | Thursdays at 4 PM

Excluding Thursday, August 20th, and November 26th

Success, Not Excess: Making Changes in Substance Use  

This group provides a safe and supportive space for UI students wanting to make or considering changes in their alcohol or other drug use. The group emphasizes success in academics, relationships, mental and physical health, and other goals through abstaining or reducing alcohol and other drug use.

The group operates from a “no pressure” approach by encouraging discussion of shared experiences and achieving success on campus by removing the barriers created by substance use.

Is this group right for you?

The best way to know is to check it out, but answering yes to the following questions might indicate benefit from the group:

  1. Is my use interfering with my academic performance? My work performance? My relationships?
  2. Do I use for a “pick me up”? Out of boredom? Because I’m stressed? To fit in with others?
  3. Do I ever regret my actions after using? Blackout and not remember my actions? Get into fights after drinking/using? Get angry or embarrassed when others bring up my drinking/using?

In this group we will:

  • Learn alternative paths to have fun, socialize, and cope with stress outside of substance use.
  • Identify problems created by using and establish skills to avoid/prevent those problems.
  • Explore connections between our emotional experiences and our substance use.
  • Support each other as we work towards reducing harmful outcomes of excessive alcohol and other drug use and celebrate the successes that follow making changes.

This is not a treatment group and will not satisfy legal or other disciplinary mandates. This is a “drop-in” group with no attendance requirements. We ask students not attend the group under the influence. 

Student Resources         

1. University of Iowa University Counseling Service

  • Online Resources
    • Appointments: Currently enrolled students at the University of Iowa can call the UCS at (319) 335-7294 or stop by one of our offices to schedule an appointment. To verify that you are eligible for services, check out our eligibility FAQStudents are required to make their own appointments. View our Contact & Location Info page for directions to the UCS. The counseling service provides two ways to see a counselor:
      1. By a scheduled advanced appointment in the morning or afternoon, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm (except Thursday mornings)
      2. By same day appointment in the afternoon Monday through Friday. These appointments are first come/call, first served; we start scheduling these afternoon appointments at 8:00 a.m. We offer 3 types of same day appointments:
      • If you are interested in meeting with a counselor in an ongoing fashion, you will want to schedule a 60-minute consultation.
      • If you are interested in meeting with a counselor for a single session to discuss a problem, you can schedule a 30 minute quick access meeting.
      • If you are in immediate crisis, and there are no 60-minute consultations available, you can schedule a 30 minute crisis management meeting.
    • When you call to schedule an appointment, you will be asked what type of appointment best fits your needs. Based on the type of appointment you schedule, you will receive different instructions about the first meeting. 

2. University of Iowa Student Wellness 

  • Online Resources: How can you tell when you’ve had too much?  Student Wellness provides a variety of online services including online screening tools
  • Consultations: Student Wellness provides consultations on alcohol and other drug use. Confidential consultations are available with our substance abuse counselor or health educators for any questions or issues you may be experiencing. Costs: Self-referrals, are free. To make an appointment with our Substance Use Counselor (at the Westlawn location), call 319-335-8394 and ask for a self-referral appointment.

3. Smart Recovery

  • SMART Recovery is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group. Participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups.
  • The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program® helps people recover from all types of addiction and addictive behaviors, including: drug abuse, drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, prescription drug abuse, sexual addiction, and problem addiction to other substances and activities. SMART Recovery sponsors face-to-face meetings around the world, and daily online meetings. In addition, its online message board and 24/7 chat room are forums to learn about SMART Recovery and obtain addiction recovery support. If you’re new to SMART Recovery, get started with our introduction here.


4. Higher Education Center for Alcohol & Drug Misuse Prevention & Recovery

  • It is the mission of the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery to promote student success nationally by providing data-driven solutions to alcohol and drug misuse; lead the dialogue on collegiate alcohol and drug misuse and recovery in the national agenda; and ensure the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the center’s efforts.

 5. Iowa City Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous

  • Anonymous groups are a traditional form of support for individuals struggling with substance abuse. There are meetings worldwide and millions of people identify with belonging to a home group or benefiting from the 12 Steps of Recovery. Anonymous groups are traditionally a spot for individuals to find hope and courage they are not alone in dealing with addiction and is a place to build community and listen to others stories of recovery. 

6. Prelude Behavioral Services

  • Prelude provides a safe place that promotes healing, treats people with dignity and respect, helps people find their own solutions and achieve their goals, and is with you throughout your recovery journey. Prelude offers a comprehensive approach utilizing evidence-based treatment to meet the needs of people struggling with substance abuse.

Parent & Family Resources                                       

At the University of Iowa, we recognize that recovery is a journey. We realize that there is a continuum for students identifying with an addiction, receiving treatment, being in recovery, and adjusting to sober life outside of a treatment program. The UI has formed the Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) to support students at all stages of recovery.

The CRP is not a treatment facility. The CRP provides support for students who are actively pursuing recovery or want to be supportive of students in recovery. Through the CRP students can connect to other resources offered by the UI that are supportive to recovery and their academic journey.

Association of Recovery in Higher Education:  Letter to Parents 


No events are planned at this time. Stay tuned for Fall 2020 events.           

Contact Us        


Heidi Schmitt, University Counseling Service 

Karen Grajczyk-Haddad, Student Wellness