As the University of Iowa campus transitions from its initial crisis response to the COVID-19 pandemic to a recovery phase, ongoing negative effects of the pandemic are expected to continue, in which there will be equity gaps for those with historically marginalized identities and with lesser resource accessibilities.

Readiness to proactively and preventively manage the next phase of response is critical to assist campus in addressing, moving through, and engaging in healing from the negative effects of the pandemic.

Postvention refers to response after crisis to address:

  • (a) Facilitating healing from grief, loss, trauma, and distress
  • (b) Mitigating other negative effects of exposure to grief, loss, trauma, and distress
  • (c) Preventing ongoing escalation of grief, loss, trauma, and distress for those at risk.” Postvention encourages resilience and coping to reduce ongoing and increasing negative impacts of crisis.

A Pandemic Postvention Mental Health Task Force was charged by the Vice President for Student Life, Provost, and University Human Resources to research, create, and disseminate sustainable, structurally supported recovery services campus.

This website provides resources to assist you individually as you manage your return to the on-campus work environment and impacts for you and your family, your evolving emergence from the initial crisis management response, and/or your transition from the many changes you made to adjust to the pandemic and changes you are having to make yet again to emerging campus work models.

Please use these resources to assist yourself, your colleagues, your fellow students, those you supervise, and of course, your family.