Coping in the time of COVID-19 is an uncharted, life-changing task for everyone whether you are on campus or not.

In today’s world, COVID is not the only pandemic affecting us.  Black, African American, Peoples of Color, and Indigenous People are communicating openly about long standing and systemic social injustice, oppression, violence, and discrimination.  Our lives have changed significantly because of this and because of the coronavirus pandemic and its differential impacts on all of us.

Student years at the University of Iowa can bring excitement about growing, learning, and launching a new life. Joining the University of Iowa as a faculty or staff member often represents achieving significant job goals.  Most students are additionally in the process of developing careers, relationships, life goals, and their own individual identities. Situational and developmental problems frequently interfere with academic and job performance.

Given these many challenges, students, faculty, and staff are affected by stress, uncertainty, emotional and financial upheaval, and the results of ongoing racial oppression. To best support the UIowa community’s mental health, this website was created as a single hub to easily explore the mental health service options on the UIowa campus including:

  1. Campus Mental Health Services
  2. A Guidebook for Coping and Managing the Negative Impacts of COVID-19
  3. Suicide Prevention Resources
  4. Collegiate Recovery Program
  5. 24/7 Support and Crisis Line

Services are available for students, staff, faculty, families, and community members.

Please browse this website to find the mental health resources you need to support yourself and those most important to you.

This page is updated weekly and so please continue to check back for updates.