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Mental Health Resources

University Counseling Service Populations Served: Students

University Counseling Service is a confidential office that provides mental health services to students free of charge, as well as psychoeducational programming and outreach services to support mental well-being, nurture student success, and contribute to an inclusive and safe campus community.


Services include individual, group, and couples therapy; psychoeducational programming, and consultations to address a range of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, loss/grief, identity development, and relational concerns.

Practicum and internship training for students in doctoral-level psychology or master’s-level social work academic programs.

UI Employee Assistance Program Populations Served: Staff/Faculty

The UI Employee Assistance Program is a confidential counseling and referral program for University of Iowa faculty and staff who have a permanent, full- or part-time (50 percent or greater) position and their families.


The types of problems for which a client could expect assistance include: job stress and conflicts, sleep difficulties, relationship and personal issues, family or parenting concerns, alcohol/substance dependency, information about financial counseling, as well as many other areas of concern.

Seashore Psychology Clinic Populations Served: Students, Staff/Faculty, Community

A division of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Iowa, the Seashore Psychology Clinic offers a wide range of psychological services for individuals in the community.  The clinic is a training center for graduate students working toward their doctoral degrees in clinical science and is a setting for clinical research.  Graduate students conduct their assessments and therapy under the close supervision of the clinical science faculty and clinic staff psychologists.  Please note that all sessions are video-recorded. This is for supervision and training purposes and to ensure that all clients receive the highest-quality services.


We offer individual psychotherapy for children and adults as well as parent-management training. We also offer general psychological assessments as well as assessments for learning disorders and IDD waivers. We also perform gender-affirming evaluations.

LGBTQ Counseling Clinic Populations Served: Students, Staff/Faculty, Community

The LBGTQ Clinic, in the College of Education, is staffed with couple and family therapy and counseling psychology doctoral students who provide services to LGBTQ individuals, families, and the community. The clinic provides services including assessments, letters of support, and ongoing individual, couple, and family therapy. All services are free of charge.


Psychosocial assessments and letters of support for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and gender affirming surgery (GAS). Ongoing individual, couple, and family therapy to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ, their families, and the community at large.

LiveWELL Populations Served: Staff/Faculty

Physical health and mental wellbeing go hand-in-hand. Physical health conditions and behaviors impact mental health, and vice versa. Mental health benefits such as elevated mood and stress reduction can occur with good physical activity habits and healthy eating. Additionally, financial stability and planning can bring about improved mental health.


Personal Health Coach Service (Free); Financial Well-being Resources; Skill-Building Videos for many health and wellness topics; Wellness Challenges and Programs.

The Belin-Blank Center Assessment and Counseling Clinic Populations Served: Students, Staff/Faculty, Community

The Belin-Blank Center Assessment and Counseling Clinic in the UI College of Education provides comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation, counseling, and consultation services to high ability and twice exceptional students (ages 4 through college). We specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, and depression, as well as assisting with academic planning related to the student’s talents.


Psychoeducational Assessment, Educational Assessment, Individual Psychotherapy, Career Assessment, Consultation, Social Skills (for students age 4 through college).

Department of Psychiatry Populations Served: Students, Staff/Faculty, Community

The University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry is renowned for its expertise in caring for adults and children dealing with major mental illness. We also provide comprehensive care for women who are experiencing mental health concerns related to pregnancy, childbirth or reproductive health through the Womens Wellness Counseling Service (; mindfulness programs (; and offer integrated care for those with co-morbid mental health and medical conditions (


Our faculty and staff members offer services ranging from outpatient care to acute inpatient treatment. We also offer medication management, educational consultation and testing, psychological testing, individual therapy, group therapy and family counseling. We offer treatment of: Anxiety disorders, Autism, Developmental Concerns, Eating disorders, Geriatric psychiatry, Huntington disease, Intellectual disabilities, Learning disorders, Mood disorders, Personality disorders, Psychotic disorders, Substance use disorders.

RVAP Populations Served: Students, Staff/Faculty, Community

"Experienced sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, or something else? Wondering how to support your friend, child, or significant other? Something recent?  Something from years ago?

Here for you - free and confidential! (no insurance information needed and we cannot tell your parents, friends, employer, or professors you visited our office) "


24/7 support line at 319-335-6000 or 1-800-228-1625

Walk-in services (Iowa City Office only) Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Advocacy (immediate support and get information/options)

Accompaniment to meetings (ex: medical appointment, interview with law enforcement, meeting with an attorney, meetings at the University)

Therapy, Support Groups, Referrals

For UI community: exploration of academic, housing, legal, support, safety resources; support before, during, after university reporting process; referrals
Additional: RVAP has a wonderful prevention team available upon request for presentations.  There are also numerous volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved!

Student Health Populations Served: Students

Student Health provides mental health care with a team of MD psychiatrists, primary care physicians, physician assistants, and nurses.  Students can be seen at Student Health for management of mental health conditions requiring behavioral and medication management.


Evaluation of mental health concerns, medication assessment and management, eating disorder services, mood disorders treatment (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder treatment, ADHD treatment (after review of past records- see ADHD policy on website), evaluation for alcohol/substance use disorders and referral for treatment.

Student Wellness Populations Served: Students

Student Wellness supports student success by promoting sustainable health behaviors and fostering a culture of wellness. Services are provided on stress management, sleep, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, sexual health and substance use.


Consultations on stress management, sleep, nutrition, fitness and use of alcohol, nicotine and other drugs.

Group workshops, online programs and leadership experiences.

Women's Resource & Action Center Populations Served: Students, Staff/Faculty, Community

WRAC offers free, confidential mental health services to students, faculty and staff, with particular focus on people of color, LGBTQ+ folks. Our providers offer identity-affirming and conscious therapy.


Individual counseling, confidential advocacy for harassment, discrimination, abuse, and violence.

Additional Support Services

Student Care & Assistance Populations Served: Students

Student Care & Assistance is a central location that provides provides assistance to students experiencing crisis and emergency situations through coordinated efforts along with campus partners to assist students with overcoming challenges to be successful and continue towards graduation.


Student Care & Assistance offers individual consultation and support through resources and discussing options for success. SCA also provides oversight to: Hawkeye Meal Share Program, Student Emergency Fund, Trans Student Support Fund, DOS Safe Room, Campus Inclusion Team, and the Early Intervention Team.

Student Disability Services Populations Served: Students

Student Disability Services (SDS) serves the University of Iowa’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by providing support and academic accommodations for students with disabilities including mental health diagnoses. SDS collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create an accessible educational environment for all. We welcome, encourage, and empower the students we serve. SDS builds awareness of issues related to accessibility within the University of Iowa community.


Academic accommodations, media services, academic support services and programs, and deaf and hard of hearing services.